Detailed results of the IWT can be found on the below link:

Congratulations to all of you, especially the winning teams of IWT 2011 Hungary:

1. Place with 548 scores: National Team of NETHERLANDS 3.

Rinus Heijmans with Fellow of the Charmed Angel (LR)

Rob Schmidt with Go Back Beauly (LR)

Go Back Fyne with Roy Ehbel (LR)

2. Place with 543 scores: National Team of GERMANY 4

Norbert Theuerkauf with Cool Marker's Angel "Cheyenne" (GR)

Natascha Haack with Golden Worker Angel`s Paige (GR)

Marion Kuhnt with Golden Worker Best Finley (GR)

3. Place with 538 scores: National Team of DENMARK 2

Keld Jørgensen with Lochiness Green Chive (LR)

Carsten Andersen with Miska T. Lobo (LR)

Johannes Raaballe with Batmoors' Gentle George Will (LR)


More infos, photos right after our "recovery":-)))


Andrea Böszörményi

Working Retriever Club of Hungary

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